ClearCause provides tools and information to help parents, youth and chaperones identify risks and take positive steps to mitigate these risks abroad.

Our mission is to reach out to forty-five million American youth and students who are encouraged to go abroad every year with:

  • Comprehensive StaySafe Information
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Safe Traveling Youth – SafeTY Assessments
  • Program Minimum Guidelines
  • International Student ID, Discount, Basic & Premium Insurance, MC Debit Cards
    -  24X7 Emergency Int’l Collect Call
  • A Family Crisis Fund
  • Advocate for Federal Guidelines, Minimum Standards, Transparency
  • And Awareness

Our efforts are dedicated to the numerous young Americans who died full of their future or were harmed on a program abroad. We remember and honor them on the ClearCause Memorial Wall.



Our Cause is Clear – Keep America’s Children Safe Abroad!