The well-being of approximately 45 million American youth and students encouraged to go abroad every year are not well-protected by the laws currently in place.

We strive to keep America’s children safe on foreign soil.

  • Program Minimum Guidelines Check List – Defining what to look for in a quality abroad experience.
  • A ClearCause SafeTY (Safe Traveling Youth) Assessment  Testing youth and student readiness to advocate for themselves on programs abroad; including program selection.
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan – to help you get to your loved ones if crisis occurs. 
  • ClearCause is creating a family crisis fund to support families whose child is killed or harmed abroad.  Read more...
  • Look for ClearCause Foundation’s Study Applaud seal of approval in the future.
  • ClearCause is an advocate for positive change and policies with transparent public reporting.

ClearCause strategic big idea is a Safe Traveling Youth Certification – SafeTY Certification to test the preparedness of young Americans to advocate for themselves abroad, provide resources to help them make informed choices on program selections, and establish an emergency readiness plan so that emergency contacts have appropriate papers such as a passport, government issued ID, airfare, insurance and a backup plan to manage things at home if they need to get to their child, youth or student.

We are working towards:

Family Crisis Fund – all too often emergency contacts are ill prepared to get to their child or student when rape, sexual abuse, accidents, illness, death or other tragic circumstances call for them.  ClearCause is dedicated to building an emergency family crisis fund to help families expedite their passports, airfares, arrange for hotels and if needed investigative legal or well-being counselors.

A Student Abroad Preparedness Plan – ASAPP – so that critical health information, contacts, funding, insurance, passports and every critical detail are where they need to be – with the student.

Study Applaud – Safety is not an accident.  It takes prior planning, consideration, implementation, review, and in our opinion – transparency.  Often the difference between a great and a good program lies in what happens when things go bad.  ClearCause is establishing recognition via the ClearCause seal of approval for programs that raise the bar on safety abroad for young Americans.  Look for our criteria in the near future.

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Our Cause is Clear – our children, America’s future, must be protected from the abuse, injuries and deaths that occur in a self-regulated youth travel, foreign exchange and study abroad multi-billion dollar industry.