OOH for Good! (2)

There really isn’t enough gratitude in the words:  Thank You!  

Thank you OOH for GOOD for collaborating with Circle Graphics and ClearChannel to create a platform that helps ClearCause uses OOH for GOD to inform and protect America’s students about the inherent risks of student travel, exchange and study abroad opportunities in two ad campaigns, Study Afraud and Exotic Youth Travel.

Social media is great, but there is something about the lasting effect of signage on billboards, at bus stops and in airports.  OOH for GOOD signage has staying power.  ClearCause inform the public that safety means the world to youth and students going abroad.

OOH for Good partnered with ClearCause to place billboards and signage across America.  You may have seen our Study Afraud and Exotic Youth Travel campaigns on billboards from California to Maryland.

We are so very Grateful!


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